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See What Users Say About Our Free MP3 Editor Software

The following is a list of quotes by our customers that we feel shows our pride in how we do business.


I use MP3 Editor for Free to...

...take some practice of editing, deleting, etc.

"This one's fairly easy to find my way around. Selecting areas for editing, deleting, etc. took some practice. As a free audio editor, it provides far more features than you can imagine."
- Bigsizeme on


...record some music, edit & output as a ringtone.

"I always like free ones. I won't bother to look for some other freeware. It's a good MP3 editor as well as sound recorder works just fine for me - record some music, edit & output as a ringtone, all is cool."
- Wihammer on


...edit audio files visually.

"You should ever neglect a program that is free and at the same time of multiple uses for the music fanatics. It is a must to try out this simply awesome MP3 Editor. The software allows to edit the audio visually. I'm so impressed by the product design."
- Stunner on my time working with easy to use software.

"There are no words to describe MP3 Editor for Free. It provides all features I need. My time was saved working with this easy to use software which well maintains the quality of the original music. Many options are provided to make it easily handled even by the normal people without any knowledge about the software."
- Dexter H on


...get unexpected features of supporting many formats.

"After I downloaded the MP3 Editor for Free, I was absolutely astonished. It is the most easiest and powerful above all FASTEST mp3 editor. One program gave me a codec error when I tried to open a WMA file, but yours, supports many formats well. Hope to see other programs in the future."
- DKing on all my demands as a DJ.

"Full functionality combined with intuitive control! Within a small period I've learned, what's necessary! As a DJ I don't wanna miss this program!"
- SoloKnight541 on

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